A platform for custom intellectual video analytic system

It is not just an ordinary surveillance system, it is a framework which can be adjusted to any requirements of your business.

A platform for custom intellectual video analytic system

We provide world-leading artificial intelligence development and application platforms for various industries

Exclusive Features

Camera Management

Using camera network to follow and capture the object

Geo Positioning

Tracking of multiply object and positioning in geo coordinates

Event Detection

Recognition and followup custom event based on the requirements

Event Prediction

Using advanced AI prediction algorithms we can predict and alert

Access Control

Use face recognition and tracking algorithms to provide access control

3D Reconstruction

Reconstruction of 3D model based on the video from cameras

Pose Analysis

Detailed pose analysis to identify technique mistakes for sport games

Video Recording

Automatic recording and live streaming of the scene


Provide API to integrate with existing processes and infrastructure



Our technology provides self-learning tools to help young people to learn the game secrets, enjoy much faster and increase the engagement. The system offers personalized tips for golfers of any all level within uncompromised privacy policy. It allows memorising excite moments and share them on social media.


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Our platform is based on Computer Vision algorithms,
but we use much more wider stack of technologies

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