Game Changer for Golf Industry

Game Changer for Golf Industry

RoundU Platform implementation for golf disrupt the market and brings modern technologies in the industry

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Automated Production

Our system can be your introduction to smart course technology which works to improve the players’ overall experience, while still protecting the integrity of the game. The cameras blend into the course environment, preserving the traditional tranquility, and automatically activate only through face recognition of the players registered for the system use.

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Sharing HD Video

Using the unique combination of wide range and PTZ cameras, the system has the ability to identify the players, record every stroke, determine the ball trajectory, analyze swings and even build 3D models. With AI object recognition, movement analysis, and precise location calculation, the cameras ensure automatic video content creation so that you and your players never miss a beat of the game.

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Improving Experience

The Round.U system provides the players with detailed vector maps, GPS positioning at the hole, multiplayer scorecards, handicap calculation and analysis of swing technique. This way, the game becomes a true learning experience, with custom feedback and suggested training plans delivered straight to the player’s app. The new experience will interest the avid player, but also provide a framework for the younger, millennial crowd to join the game.

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More features

  • Our most comprehensive product is the advanced video capturing system based on artificial intelligence and machine learning technology which automatically monitors and records all action on the golf course.
  • Smart phone/watch application, which provides the golfer with everything from GPS tracking and swing control analysis, to a personalized training plan, automated score and handicap calculation.
  • Advanced Greenkeep system designed to provide reliable telemetric data through the use of trackers, GPS receivers and a direct connection to the central server, for a more productive and cost-effective course upkeep.
  • Golf tournament manager, which would enable you to more efficiently organize and monitor your events through an advanced system of applications.
  • Customer Relationship Management Software (CRM) offers a detailed overview of customers’ profiles, transactions and bookings, creating opportunities for better customer understandning and success tracking.

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Golf is stepping into the digital age, and in a few years this technology will become an integral part of every game. Be the first one to have it!

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